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Taking a Stand Against Tyranny

When Gov. Beshear implemented his tyrannical mandates forcing small businesses to close their doors, I took a stand and refused to comply—even under the threat of being thrown in jail.

Our story was covered both locally and nationally, and then a movement was born.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Let’s Get Back on Track

Ronald Reagan once said “government does not solve problems—it subsidizes them.” That is exactly what the entire country is experiencing right now.

My name is Andrew Cooperrider. I am a husband, father and businessman—not a career politician. I am running for Kentucky State Treasurer because I am sick and tired of corruption running rampant in our government. We need a constitutional watchdog to hold politicians like Beshear accountable.

As a Christian, I take my faith very seriously. My family and I attend New Life Baptist Church in Lexington.

As a businessman, I have helped create dozens of quality jobs, balanced budgets, and tackled complex issues. In Kentucky, politicians think that spending more of your money is the way to solve problems, while here at home, we figure out ways to operate our businesses more efficiently and work hard to balance the family budget.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is facing enormous issues due to government overreach and out-of-control spending. Career politicians are using Putin, COVID, and social issues to hide their incompetence, and I am here to hold them accountable.

In the midst of government mandates, fiscal policy failures resulting in inflation, and skyrocketing gas prices, our families have been struggling. Government created these issues and they have failed to solve them. Power should not belong in the hands of the few. Returning power to the household is the only way out of this.

With your help, we can get the job done in Kentucky. I am asking for your vote because united we stand, divided we fall. Working together, we can deliver relief from overtaxation and overregulation, balance the budget, protect life, and preserve liberty.

Please join me in the fight.

Andrew’s Experience

Andrew Cooperrider is a business owner who employs dozens of Kentuckians across his companies. Having built successful businesses from scratch, Andrew understands budgeting, cash flow, and ensuring proper investments for long term financial viability. More importantly, Andrew has actually had to sacrifice and pull himself up by his bootstraps to achieve the American Dream. For this reason Andrew takes the spending of your tax dollars very seriously. You worked hard for what you have and we need someone like Andrew who understands that.

Government’s proper role is not to take your hard-earned money and redistribute that wealth to others. Government needs to be small and as unintrusive as possible. Government can not create economic opportunity—it can only inhibit it.

Your Support is Vital

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I can’t go about this alone. Join our campaign and let’s make some waves in Frankfort. There’s a role for everyone.

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There is absolutely no way I can do this alone. Your support is absolutely vital in our fight to protect individual liberties in Kentucky.

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