House Bill 8

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Republicans are trying to raise Kentuckians’ taxes with House Bill 8.

What’s so bad about the bill?

HB8 is being sold as a movement toward getting rid of the income tax in Kentucky. I am all in favor of getting rid of the immoral taxation that is an income tax. In fact, I want to work to ensure that happens.

However, I will NOT accept a tax increase in order to make that happen. We need to reduce spending and taxation—not increase it. 

HB8 will only reduce our income tax to zero as long as our state’s tax revenue INCREASES by $8.5 BILLION. That is an increase of 66% over our current tax revenue of $12 billion. 

Where does this money come from? Government does not produce anything. All it can do is take it from your pocket. The bill increases taxes elsewhere in order to raise the necessary funds. This will result in a net increase in tax burden—not a decrease.

We should DEMAND a bill that eliminates income tax while also reducing government spending. This is a Republican General Assembly. It should be all for shrinking the government, and as a result, decreasing its spending.

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There is absolutely no way I can do this alone. Your support is absolutely vital in our fight to protect individual liberties in Kentucky.

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