Andrew’s Key Priorities

Larger Freedoms. Smaller Government.

Our Government was formed to protect our rights to life, liberty, and property. What we have discovered over the last two years is that in our quest for safety, for government to solve our problems we have turned over the control of our lives to unelected bureaucrats. It is time that we the people gain back control over our government. That is why I am excited to represent the people of Jessamine, Garrard, and Fayette Counties

First Amendment

Protecting Your Right to Speak Out

The constitution makes clear that it is not a limiter on the citizens of this country, but rather a limiter on what the government can do to its citizens. The first amendment is about more than just free speech. It is about the right to petition your government for redress, the right to share viewpoints and ideas without facing retribution from your government. It is about the freedom to hold the views of religion and culture free of government discrimination.

It is clear with our State Capitol Buildings having been closed for 16 months, a fence being built around the Governor’s mansion, and our public government meetings still being held virtually all over this state, that our state and local governments have forgotten who they are accountable to. You have a right to have your grievances heard.

Light is the best disinfectant for corruption.

Second Amendment

Protecting Your Right to Defend Yourself & Your Family

The second amendment states that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”—not “shall sometimes be infringed.” The population should be allowed to defend themselves from threats both foreign and domestic. Let’s make Kentucky a second amendment sanctuary state.


Taxes are Getting Out of Control

Whether its the general fund, the SEEK fund, or the road fund, politicians seem to forget that they all come from one taxpayer’s pocket. No tax or license fee should be levied by unelected bodies and every increase should come with a vote. Kentuckians should be able to demand and hold accountable those who’ve been trusted with their money.

No citizen should be evicted out of the home they have built equity in due to being unable to pay government levied property tax. End government home evictions.


Pay-to-play Politics Must END.

It is not the government’s role to pick winners and losers. Government regulations and licensing is a tool used to favor the large companies who can afford lobbyists and write policies that protect their market share from the small business owner. This transferring of wealth has to stop here in Kentucky. We should all play on an even playing field where the rules are not favoring specific players.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying must be banned. Any entity whose budget comes from government subsidies or funding should not be allowed to hire lobbyists using your money to lobby for more of your money, all while giving a private lobbyist a cut. This corrupt and immoral, and wasteful practice can no longer be tolerated.

Small Business

Small Businesses are America’s Backbone

Being a small business owner myself, I am uniquely aware of the ups and downs, hard work, sacrifice, missed paychecks, unknowns, and the stresses that come with owning a small business. The last thing business owners need is the over-licensing and over regulating government that we have here in Kentucky.

I am aware that I pay sales tax, a yearly “government registration fee”, a city LLC fee, an additional tax tacked onto my utility bills, a grease trap tax, an alarm system tax, yearly inspection fees, payroll tax, paying for a payroll company because the laws are so complicated, city payroll taxes, property taxes, corporate income taxes, telecommunication tax, occupancy taxes, a myriad of licensing fees. All of which must be paid BEFORE you pay staff or yourself. Government shouldn’t be the business partner you never asked for.

Let’s make the Commonwealth the most small business-friendly state we can.


It’s About Children

Nobody knows your children better than you do. Nobody knows your values like you do. Nobody knows what’s important for you family better than you do. That is why full school choice must be achieved in Kentucky.

Our public system’s “one-size-fits-all” educational strategy is unable to address the variety of diversity, variety of needs, and values of every American family in this state. As a proud parent, I understand that no child is like mine, and the freedom to choose what is best for my family, as well as the freedom for you to choose what is best for yours, is what makes us Americans.



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There is absolutely no way I can do this alone. Your support is absolutely vital in our fight to protect individual liberties in Kentucky.

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