2022’s Wasteful Spending Report

Total State Budget for FY2022


U.S. Dollars

Our state government’s spending is OUT OF CONTROL. There is a lot of waste in our government’s budget, but much of it is not publicly accessible. That’s why we need a Treasurer who will hold the government accountable with access to information on ALL spending.

Here are just a few examples of ridiculous spending.

More and More “Free” COVID Testing


Despite the fact that even President Biden has said that the pandemic is “over”, the state authorized over $100 MILLION dollars on “free” COVID testing. Hundreds of millions have been wasted on ineffective measures such as this, and the state continues to rack up the bill.

“Equity Coaching” for State Staffers


State spending on DEI is out of control. The government spent over $4.7 MILLION on “equity, diversity, and inclusion needs for school staff.” These initiatives are a large part of Critical Race Theory that is being forced on our kids in school.

It’s time to hold our leads accountable for their reckless spending. Please help support our campaign!

Gifting Millions to Billion Dollar Corporations


The state decided a great use of $410 MILLION taxpayer dollars ($250 million up front) was to dump it into the pockets of Ford for a new battery plant. The state’s negotiators did such an abysmal job that Tennessee ended up receiving a larger plant at much cheaper cost to taxpayers..

Government Paying to Lobby Government


The state wrote a check on behalf of University of Louisville to lobby the government. Why should taxpayers be footing the bill for the government to lobby themselves?

Want to fix this mess? Support our campaign now!

Finding a New Provost for UK


The Commonwealth of Kentucky gave a whopping $232,000 of your taxpayer dollars to an out-of-state corporation to find a provost for UK.

A Random Number Generator for the Lottery


Taxpayers spent $100,000 on a simple random number generator for the lottery and pay another $25,000 per year to make sure it’s “random enough.” The software behind this is so simple that even a quick Google search reveals countless free number generators.

We need your help! Support our campaign and help fix this mess!

A “Health Equity” Dashboard


Your government spent over $1.8 million on a digital dashboard that supposedly tracks “racism and bigotry in healthcare.” Yet another example of a lucky contractor that won a bloated contract paid for by you.

Even MORE Millions Handed Out to a Foreign Corporation


The state announced a massive award of $116 million to a Japanese company to build a factory. Again, our state really needs better negotiators.

We need your help! Support our campaign and help fix this mess!

Beshear’s Army of 16 Assistants


Andy Beshear decided he needed a group of 16 assistants the size of a small platoon. What does this army of assistants actually do? Your guess is as good as mine.

Surprise: More CRT-based Spending


Your government sure likes to burn your tax dollars on Critical Race Theory-based ideologies. This time, they decided to spend $203,000 on initiatives like “assessments of existing structures, culture, and a climate with a focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity. Trust me folks: this is just going to get worse.

We need your help! Support our campaign and help fix this mess!

State-Funded LGBTQ Choir


Out of all the issues our Commonwealth faces and refuses to fix, our government thought it was essential to divert tax dollars to fund an LGBTQ choir.

Keep in mind: we still have over $43 BILLION in unfunded pension liabilities. Every dollar counts.

Creating Programs to Benefit “Diverse Individuals”


Should the taxpayers be on the hook to kickstart private citizens’ businesses while you aren’t eligible for the same program because you’re not “diverse” enough?

*Note: straight white males need not apply

The Super Important Japanese Botanical Garden


Yes, you might blow a tire banging into countless potholes on your way, but at least you’ll have a nice garden to stroll in to make yourself feel better. All thanks to your tax money.

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There is absolutely no way I can do this alone. Your support is absolutely vital in our fight to protect individual liberties in Kentucky.

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